Auriel No'Va

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An outsider on the inside, with a chip on her shoulder, Auriel embodies the storm and fury she so often channels. Her brother has earned a modest living working for the Sanctum Shields, but she has had her hands full keeping the homestead up. Lacking the martial inclination of her brother, the green thumb of her neighbors, or the back-breaking grit of the miners, Auriel has seriously considered leaving Sanctum with the next out-going expedition. However, she can feel the storm-winds brewing, and she is unwilling to leave her brother alone while the horrible pox ravages their home town.

Family (Background)

Much of Auriel’s background is a mystery. What she does know is that she and her twin brother bear her father’s surname, and that her mother, who was long thought dead, is alive. Brought up in the city of Sanctum, Auriel and her brother were wards of their father, Hadarai No’Va. Himself a spellsword, Hadarai was exceedingly proud of his daughter’s inborn aptitude for magic (though his arcane talents were trained). With father and mother gone, Auriel has only her brother left to tie her to the world.


Auriel’s childhood could have been relatively normal, despite her racial differences from the humans and dwarves of Sanctum, had it not been for her affinity for the arcane. Auriel had always had a volatile temper, but when Auriel began to mature, that temper began manifesting in more than shouted words or expressive gestures; like a storm, she would crackle with lightning as thunder resounded from her voice.

Some children might shy away from such power; she embraced it. Nurturing her inner storms and learning to channel them (if not always control them), Auriel supplemented the training in the longsword which her father offered her with her own regimen of target practice with lightning and thunder.

Coming of Age

One seemingly insignificant spring day, just over a year ago, Auriel and her brother were together planning their father’s birthday party. He had gone to visit their neighbors in the next homestead over, and the pair were deep in discussion when one of their neighbors unexpectedly appeared on their doorstep. Nervous and afraid, the neighbor stopped just long enough to tell them that their father was holding his ground against a strange gray dragonling, before running on toward town to fetch the Sanctum Shields in force.

Without a word, Auriel and her brother snatched up their armaments and rushed to the scene.

By the time they got there, their father had enticed the monster into the neighbor’s barn. It bought the farmers time to escape, but it left him alone and without an escape route. Both Auriel and her brother put their father’s training to work; the two worked in tandem to pull the monster away from their father and take it down. Combined with the wounds their father had already inflicted, their quiet determination and cunning made short work of the monster.

Neither had believed themselves capable of taking down such a beast by themselves, but they had no time to celebrate: their father suffered mortal wounds in the battle. Rushing to his side, they began to pressurize the wounds and try to staunch the worst bleeding, but their father was already fading. He motioned them close, and with his final breath uttered: “Your mother…isn’t dead.”

A Hero is Born…

To be continued…

Auriel No'Va

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