Castle Ardhome

Castle Ardhome, near the center of Sanctum in the southern end of the Drekken Mire, is an ancient and well-fortified keep.

Its three above-ground and two below-ground levels are remnants of the days before The Fall. Surrounded by an exterior connecting wall, the interior keep (or castle proper) is magnificent in its perpetual cleanliness and lack of deterioration. The keep’s obvious magical enchantments have kept it in pristine condition despite its filthy location on unsettled swampland.

Castle ardhome1

The upper-most floor of the castle houses the Lord’s chambers, and a small barracks for his personal retinue or guests. The second floor houses a banquet hall, throne room, and conference chamber. The ground floor houses a barracks, armory, servants quarters, and entrance hall.

In the courtyard enclosed by the exterior connecting wall there are four out-buildings. The most notable of these is the stable.

The first floor of the basement houses the kitchen, supply rooms, and the wine cellar. The second floor, sealed and locked to the public, contains the crypt of Castle Ardhome. When the Lord of the castle or a member of his immediate family dies, he or she is buried in this sub-basement level.

In the days before Belaus, Meorran, and the future Lady Hammertone cleared the Castle, it was haunted by spirits and ghosts. Belaus and his party defeated the ghosts, and since Belaus returned from banishing the dragonkin there has been a Lord of Castle Ardhome dwelling in the keep.

The current Lord of Ardhome is actually a woman. The current Lady of Ardhome, Miura Hammertone, is the daughter of Belaus Hammertone and Mirael Hammertone.

Castle Ardhome

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