Celicia unknown entry 1

Acting Captain’s Log
Coalition Calendar Year 477

Rogers fomented a mutiny. The men are all so tired and scared that I’m somewhat surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

It’s perpetually near dark now; some property of the rocks gives off enough light to see by, but the sun has long been absent.

The mutineers gathered on the main deck, their numbers giving them the courage to move on Cyril, while they locked the rest of us below-decks. By the time we’d managed to pry open the hatch, the mutiny was over. Most of the mutineers lay dead, and those who weren’t were killed out of mercy: no man should have to suffer what they suffered.

Cyril appeared uninjured, but wailed and raged at being interrupted. I suspect I would have been killed in his rage, except that at that moment the unhelmed ship crashed into one of the rockspires.

Cyril returned to his vigil at the tiller while the remaining crew and I returned below-decks to search for hull-breaches. The main cargo hold remains flooded along with most of our provisions, but we managed to seal the compartment effectively. As long as we don’t take on more water, we should remain afloat.

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Celicia unknown entry 1

Dahrylon Evhelm