Clan Ironroot

The Ironroot Clan has a long, and ancient history. Long before The Fall, the dwarves could each trace their lineage back to one of the twelve Sons of Moradin.

After the Fall, these primordial clans splintered. Some dwarves lost their birthrights entirely, others were separated from their Dwarven Patriarchs (or Matriarchs) and forced to adapt or die. The Ironroot Clan became one of these splinters. Originally tracing their lineage to Travok, Forger of Runes, the Iroonroots became separated from the Runebrand Clan and were forced to find a new Patriarch.

They found him in Gurdis Ironroot.

Gurdis refused to let the end of the world be the end of his people. Where other clans were bound to holds and keeps, he founded the first nomadic clan of dwarves. For hundreds of years, the only thing that bound them together was their family devotion and their love of Moradin. They wandered from dwarven community to dwarven community setting up roads, digging moats, constructing and repairing keeps, and mostly mining and forging—putting their Runebrand heritage to work.

It wasn’t until more recently, a little less than a century ago, that an Ironroot Patriarch took a name other than Gurdis: the incomparable, Milgurn Ironroot. This new Patriarch did everything in his power to trade in the nomadic ways of his forefathers for the immovable, settled nature of his ancestors.

First, he led the Ironroots from dwarf keep to dwarf homestead, looking for a clan who would accept them as allies and brothers. But, the clans were unwilling to accept them as anything except second-rate citizens or laborers unless they gave up their own clan and assimilated. Soon, Milgurn began leading his clan through human lands and territories, occasionally stopping in the lands of elves, halflings, and even dragonborn, hoping that one of these peoples would allow his clan to settle on their land and carve out an enclave. None did.

In near despair, Milgurn led the Ironroots to the port city of Lyridock. Here he prepared to charter a fleet of ships with the last clan wealth he could muster and sail off into the west to find a new clan home. As negotiations were underway for this flotilla, however, he became aware of a small expedition which had come from the mysterious, unreachable city of Sanctum.

In record time, Milgurn spoke to the expedition leaders and convinced them to let his clan accompany them back to their home in the Drekken Mire. Once there, the Runebrand legacy of ancestral smithing and mining became a reality, and the Ironroots defend the homesteads they’ve built in Sanctum as they would Moradin’s own hearthstones.

Clan Ironroot

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