Drekken Farms

Outside of the flat, relatively dry ground of the city of Sanctum, below the hillocks and highlands where the moorsheep are shepherded, farmers work the lands in the South Drekken Mire.

In the marshes and ponds of these lowlands, irrigation is not necessary. Water flows down into these vales and depressions from the abundant rainfall in the region.

The primary crop in the region is cranberries. Named for the cranes who were drawn to the region to feed off the berries after The Fall, these berries are a staple of the Sanctum citizen’s diet. Each autumn the cranberries are harvested, and this marks the time for the yearly expedition to the outside world to trade. Marked officially by the Festival of Hammertone, the expedition’s best years are those when they are laden with cranberries to sell.

Other products which are farmed include: temperate rice, peat, and willow-bark.

Many commoners in Sanctum are families of farmers, each with a plot of wetlands for which they are responsible and from which they derive their income.

Drekken Farms

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