Drekken Mire

The Drekken Mire is one of the many dark recesses of the world where life teems faintly.

The Mire

Once, the Mire was no moor at all. As the story goes, the Mire was once the verdant, arable fields and foothills just south of the Lum’Jennt Mountains. When the events of The Fall changed the landscape, the spires of the mountains cracked and shook. The rivers flowing through the region spilled over their banks, and the banks collapsed. The resulting floodplain eventually settled, forming the darkened morass that now blots out miles and miles of the landscape.

In the days before The Fall, dragonfolk ruled. In the days since, human beings and dwarves have asserted their dominance over the southern end of the moor. It is said that dragons still lurk beyond the North Wall, but none dare to pass its crenulated heights and leave Sanctum. Indeed, every year the people of Sanctum celebrate the banishing of the dragons from the Drekken Mire and founding of the “city” itself in the Festival of Hammertone.

Lord Belaus Hammertone, founder of Castle Ardhome and first Lord Mayor of Sanctum is the subject of the festival. Over eighty years ago, he single-handedly drove off the ravenous dragonfolk who were encroaching on the farmsteads and mines of the men and women who worked the Mire. His heroism and victory are remembered each year in the festival.

The best (or worst) part of the Mire itself is its solitude. The muck and morass which surround the remains of the Lum’Jennt foothills appear endless and have not been successfully navigated. Even the best rangers Sanctum has to offer do not venture far beyond the designated boundaries of Sanctum for fear of being lost forever in the darkness.

Only one path can take travelers to and from the Mire. Painstakingly constructed by the loving sorceress Meorran at the behest of Lord Belaus Hammertone, the path is not so much a road through the muck as it is a safe pathway lit by magical signals. Anyone leaving Sanctum at night can clearly see the lights stretching along an imaginary roadway into (and eventually out of) the Mire, but the magical lanterns are hooded so that travelers coming from the opposite direction have no bearing or visibility of the lights. In this way, anyone can leave Sanctum and the Mire, but it is impossible to return safely—without Lanternwards.

Meorran designed her lantern-path with three keys: the Lanternwards. With one of these in your possession, the light from the lanterns is always visible to you whether it is day or night, and whether you are coming into or headed out of the Mire.

One key she took for herself as part of the bargain she made with Belaus. One key resides in the hands of the Lord Mayor of Sanctum as the sign of his power and authority. The third key is given on a case by case basis to those who have earned the right to lead the occasional expedition out of the Mire to trade for needed goods with the outside world. Meorran left Sanctum shortly after the Lanternward Trail was finished, never to be seen again. Of the remaining two keys, one is kept in a vault at Castle Ardhome (until such time as it is needed on an expedition) and one is kept on the person of the Lord Mayor at all times.

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Drekken Mire

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