horrible pox

Unnamed, unknown, and utterly deadly, the disease known as the “horrible pox” has struck fear into the Miredwellers of Sanctum.

Affecting the moorsheep, the pox’s first symptom is a loss of milk in nursing mothers or a shedding of horns in males. Shortly thereafter, the moorsh refuse to eat or drink. Their wool begins shedding in clumps and their bare skin turns color as if bruised and blemished. Within a week, the starved animals pass away.

Shamans and wise-men believed they could contain the contagion by quarantining the farms affected, but the pox always seems to strike anew within a fortnight of the last reported incident.

If nothing is done, the farmsteads of Sanctum will be grimly silent within a season.

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horrible pox

Dahrylon Evhelm