Lanternward Trail

Lanternward trailMagically constructed by Meorran at the behest of Belaus Hammertone, the Lanternward trail consists of a series of safe-markers of glowing yellow light which signal the only known safe path out of (or into) the Drekken Mire. In addition to weaving through the geographical nightmares and pitfalls of the Mire’s edge, the pale light also seems to ward off the native fauna.

While anyone can see the magical, heatless flames while leaving the Mire, the cool yellow-orange hues of the flames are invisible to any seeking entrance to it.

The only way to gain safe passage into the Mire on the Lanternward Trail is to possess one of three Lanternwards.

Once a year, Sanctum sends an expedition out of town with all of their raw and manufactured goods for sale in the world outside. Bearing a Lanternward, the expedition returns when its mission is complete.

Lanternward Trail

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