The Lanternwards are gifts from Meorran to the community of Sanctum; the last gifts she gave them before leaving them, forever.

Three pieces of seemingly normal stone, each possesses a partially curved surface which is perfectly rounded, smoothed, and covered with strange glyphs and symbols. The person who possesses one of these stones can see the Lanternward Trail and traverse it safely while warding it against the beasts of the Mire.

Three Lanternwards are known to exist:

The First belongs to the Lord of Ardhome Castle and is kept on his person at all times.

The Second belongs to the Mayor of Sanctum, and is given out roughly once a year to expedition leaders who are taking goods out of the Mire to sell in the outside world before returning.

At present, with the positions of Lord and Mayor being held by the same person, the second Lanternward is often in the possession of the Stewardess of Castle Ardhome.

The Third belongs to Meorran. She took it with her those many years ago and has not been heard or seen since.


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