Lyridock one of the many names given to the maritime city on the north-east shores of the Sea of Squalls.

Originally a port for pirates and their kind to unload stolen goods and repair their fleets, the city was raised to the ground by human armies at the beginning of the modern era (shortly after the period of chaos attributed to The Fall ended).


The city’s prime location was too good for civilization to pass up, and three ambitious families brought the manpower and labor required to restart the city and its good fortune. These three families have been behind the power structures and government of the city every since:

  • The human Terebyth family brought the maritime know-how and trading connections to keep the city’s trade profitable. Known for their fast merchant fleets and navigational skills, they are the most widely known outside of Lyridock itself.
  • The dwarven Fvirad family is gruff, frugal, and drab. Skilled craftsmen (if a bit unimaginative), they build the city’s walls and most of its common structures. Without their skill as stonemasons, the walls would long ago have crumbled from the occasional raiding party, and the common structures fallen to pieces from neglect. Their stonework and metalwork keeps the city’s export-trade prosperous and gives Lyridock a relatively skilled middle class. The Fvirads are the last in a long line of dwarven clans to turn away Clan Ironroot.
  • The human Orilev family is the lynch-pin of the trio. Bankers and merchants, their wealth bought the land from the armies who had conquered it, and bring new opportunities and profits into the city.

The three families each send a representative to a board of advisors which includes a representative from the mage guild and the captain of the city watch. These five individuals make up the City Council. Every five years, the council appoints a mayor from among their number (always one of the three families). In this way, no one is a mayor for more than five years at a stretch (though often the mayor will rotate back onto the council if his/her family’s representative is appointed).

Recent History

For the first time in the history of the city, the mage guild’s master was appointed/elected to the position of mayor of the city. This has caused a small scandal because the three families have refused to accept him as mayor. The disagreement has caused the city government to fall into disarray. Ships are no longer allowed out of port, and the normal stream of traders into and out of the city has fallen to a trickle in the ensuing civil unrest.


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