Miura Hammertone

Daughter of Belaus and Mirael, Miura Hammertone was bred to be the noble, wise ruler her father and mother wanted her to be.

A human of average height, with her father’s fair skin and dark eyes, Miura has her mother’s golden locks. Wearing her hair in a long, elegantly woven braid, she possesses a sense of purpose which radiates from her graceful frame.

A diplomat from her childhood, Miura has a knack for solving interpersonal crises. Even if her name and blood weren’t of the house of Hammertone, the citizens under her rule are convinced they would have elevated her to power on her own merits of kindness, care, and wisdom.

In such a small community, her fears and her hopes are well-known. Of late, the two things weighing heaviest on her conscience are the horrible pox affecting the moorsheep and the daunting reports of the Spears which tell of activity out on the Mire.

When she was younger, she was courted by many young men of Sanctum, but she never seemed happy with their affections and attentions. It now appears that when Miura passes on, the Hammertone line will disappear. Still, she is not without companionship; Milgurn Ironroot II has been her steadfast companion since she was a child. Acting like a doting uncle when she was younger, and a surrogate father now that Belaus has been laid to rest, Milgurn is often in council with her.

Miura Hammertone

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