Moor-sheep are a particularly hardy brand of animal that live in and around the Drekken Mire.

The only known environ to house the moor-sheep is the Drekken Mire. Their lean meat makes them less likely to become domestic outside the Mire, and their tough wool makes them incredibly difficult to shear. The people of Sanctum appreciate the tenacity of the moor-sheep and their resilience to famine and weather, and cultivate those qualities almost to a fault.

Humans make armor out of their tough hides, make meals out of their lean meat, and even spin the tough wool into a particularly sturdy defensive garb. Their milk feeds human families, and shepherds rely on them for warmth in the damp and cold of the winter nights on the Mire.

Obstinate animals, moor-sheep are affectionately called bull-sheep. More commonly, the locals will refer to them by the contracted name “moorsh” (pronounced “MOOR-sh”).

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