When Belaus left his home village for the first time, he had an experience unlike anything he had ever imagined. He later referred to it as a “conversion to light.”

After the founding of Sanctum, Belaus shared his conversion with the men and women who dwelt there. Almost overnight, the church of Pelor in the Drekken Mire blossomed.

God of sun, summer, and time, it is to the credit of Pelorran priests that Sanctum remembers the years since its founding. Ever-watchful against the machinations of darkness and ruin, Pelor’s followers seek to ameliorate, assuage, and alleviate the sufferings of all. Most citizens of Sanctum, whether human or humanoid, follow the precepts of Pelor. Only Moradin and his church rivals the power and universality of Pelor’s church on the Mire.

Pelorran Symbol

Priests of Pelor are respected, well-fed, and looked to for moral and cultural guidance by all; even the Lord Mayor of Sanctum will often find himself consulting with the church before making any decisions of great importance.


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