A few thousand people live within the boundaries of Sanctum. Some live (and work) inside the walls of Ardhome Castle. Others live within the town itself. Still others live within the set boundaries of Sanctum, but pasture their flocks or farm their crops in the open spaces outside the town proper. The residents refer to their town and all the lands within the boundaries as the “city of Sanctum.” In actuality, the chimneys and homesteads of Sanctum comprise only a small town or village.

Racially, humans and dwarves compose the vast majority of Sanctum’s population. Both populations have historic roots in what is now the Drekken Mire, and have been working together since Belaus Hammertone banished the dragons from his sight. The large percentage of humans and dwarves takes nothing away from the world’s other sentient races who are well represented in the town. Over time, misfits, refugees, and adventurers of many races have all found their way to this haven of relative tranquility—and fallen in love with it.

Elves, halflings, and half-elves have joined the community relatively seamlessly. Their affable natures and affinity for the natural world have supplemented the rural and community nature of Sanctum with ease.

Eladrin and tiefling are both present, but in smaller numbers. In a community of down-to-earth miners, farmers, trappers, shepherds, and smiths, the otherworldly Eladrin and the dark tiefling both represent something unknown, suspicious, and ultimately frightening from beyond the hills of the Mire.

Dragonborn occasionally make their home in Sanctum, but those who do find themselves facing the life of a pariah. Dragonborn bear too much resemblence to the stories of the dragonkin, and almost no one can look into the reptilian, intelligent orbs of a dragonborn’s eyes without being overpowered by their draconic heritage.

Other rational peoples are occasionally represented in Sanctum, but they are merely individuals rather than families. Warforged have made some sensational appearances in Sanctum, and a select few are still present in the town.

The town’s primary occupations are three-fold: mining, farming, and fighting (and their related industries). What the town cannot produce itself, it acquires through a yearly expedition for the sake of commerce.

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The “city” of Sanctum has stood for well over sixty years in the heart of the Drekken Mire. The Mire has been the source of solitude and security for Sanctum, but it has also been the source of unrelenting danger. While Sanctum is hidden from the world beyond the Mire, it is left alone to fend for itself against the monstrosities and terrors which surround it.

Over the three generations Sanctum has stood, none have questioned the ability of the city to persist through all hazards and survive all dangers—until now.

The moorsheep who are the source of food, warmth, and occupation for most of Sanctum’s residence are slowly succumbing to a horrible pox. As the disease spreads from farmstead to farmstead the threat of famine grows ever larger, and the darkness of the moor seems to creep ever closer to the streetlamps and hearths of Sanctum.

The shamans and priests of Sanctum have brewed, prayed, and sweat over the diseased animals, but no cure has been forthcoming and no prevention seems to keep the pox at bay. Whispers in the streets talk of a curse upon the town and the hand of evil at work to tear down all that is good and bright in Sanctum.

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