Sanctum's Hope

The Company

The adventuring company of Sanctum’s Hope was called by, and is sponsored in part by, the Lady Mayor of Sanctum, Miura Hammertone.

Summoned for their distinct expertise and skills, the original company included: Belster Cooper, a human ranger and member of the Sanctum Spears; Auriel No’Va, eladrin sorceress, and her twin brother Mirren No’Va, warlord and member of the Sanctum Plates; Ekemon, tiefling wizard and freelance consultant for Castle Ardhome; and the ill-fated Frozen Frostbeard, paladin of Moradin and representative of the Ironroot Clan of dwarves.

In their first mission together, the company encountered tremendous challenges which ultimately resulted in the death of one of their founding members: Frozen.

To replace Frozen, Milgurn Ironroot II enlisted the aid of another stalwart defender of Ironroot interests in the Mire, a towering goliath named Crag.

However, Crag’s time with the party was short-lived; Frozen’s piety was rewarded by the priests of Moradin who resuscitated him and restored him to life.

After their first foray’s out of the city of Sanctum, a druidess named Yara Ondolithe approached the party and offered them her services. They assented, bringing the total membership to six.

The Crest of Hope

The Crest of Hope Lady Miura Hammertone believes it is important that the company is legitimized and recognized by the general populace of Sanctum so that there is no misunderstanding regarding their favor from the governing bodies of the town. This is especially important, she believes, given the often secret missions they are engaged in and the incredibly few people who are aware of their goals; if something were to happen to Miura, she wants to be sure the next in line for the throne of Sanctum knows he or she can trust Sanctum’s Hope!

To this end, she awarded Hope a crest. The crest has several parts. At the top is the frog, symbol of determination and stoicism in the face of larger concerns. Below the frog is the great-helm, representing their status as a branch of the Sanctum Shields. Below the great-helm is the green and white field, striped with blue, and and patterned with five gold wheat-stalks. The green and white field represent the human and dwarf contingents in Sanctum. The blue lines represent all of the other races who have contributed to the building of the town and their inclusion in the town’s goals and daily life. The five wheat-stalks each represent a member of the company; wheat is a symbol of prosperity and most of all hope for the populace of Sanctum. Finally, below the field, is the motto written in ancient Common: “Mente et Manu,” which means: “by mind and by hand,” representing the diverse skills required to make the company functional.

Sanctum's Hope

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