Witch of North Drekken

The Witch of North Drekken may have had a name once, but it has long since been forgotten. Older even than the town of Sanctum, the Witch has lived in the Mire for longer than any can remember.

On the occasional clear summer night, the dismal yellow light of her hut is visible over the North Wall.

The Witch's Hut

Once a year, the Witch will aimlessly wander into town. She speaks with no one except the Lord Mayor of Sanctum, then returns to the north. When she comes, she carries nothing but a walking stick, but when she leaves she is followed by a floating disc laden with supplies, foodstuffs, and oddities.

By tradition, no one questions why the Witch comes and goes—and no one wants to know.

Recently, however, the Lord Mayor of Sanctum has been asking worrying questions about the Witch.

Witch of North Drekken

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