Witch's Journal

The Journal is short, and reads:

Dearest Friends,

Before I explain, I must warn you that with my death the wards and spells which guarded my home will dissipate. Make yourselves safe. The marsh is vengeful when abused, and I have long overstayed my welcome in this place.

You have brought comfort to an old woman when she needed it most; for this, I thank you. I apologize for the great burden which I have lain upon your shoulders. Were there another way, I would have pursued it. I assure you, there was not.

By now you have noticed that the Lanternward was not entirely destroyed when you used it to seal the breach; if you are reading this, then you should know that it was the burnout of the ward which ended my life. Do not mourn me; had I been prepared for the tether’s unraveling, it would not have been my fate. I would never have been strong enough to survive the use of all three wards; it was my choice from the beginning.

I can offer you only small consolation regarding the blight which now resides in your chest: Meorran now knows of you. In her creation of the wards, it was her intention that any who destroyed a ward would be made known to her. After all, the wards were designed to protect her chosen city of Sanctum, and any who would destroy them were to be considered her enemies. She will feel called to you; she will hunt you, now. It is only a matter of time.

When she finds you, you must make her understand that it was all my doing. I hope she will forgive me for using her talents; I hope she can be made to understand. She is wise and compassionate, I believe you will be able to convince her of the truth before she destroys you.

As for the Lanternward in the possession of Miura, show her this journal. It will be enough for her. She will part with it willingly.

In the days when I was young, the druids who dwelt freely in this land helped a young man to sail the seas freely and fearlessly, on his ship The Lyre in exchange for knowledge about, and the promise of passage to, the outside world. The man’s name was Terebyth. If any who live bear this name, they will be bound by oaths of blood and magic to bear you on a single journey to a place which even they will not be aware of. My brothers and sisters wrote this knowledge into their hearts. They will know the way. Simply speak the words: Kronohi Dimalum Arahkk.

Remember: though they will know you as friends by your words, they will only be able to bear you once to this place, and then their duty will be discharged. If his descendants still live, you will find them at the Lyre ’s Dock.

In the days before The Fall, the gods themselves were vigilant against this day. Afterward, we who knew and kept secret bore the burden. I fear it will not be enough.

I spent my life studying the tethers. Though I know little of the evil locked away by them, I know this: even if the tethers are this once repaired, it will not be the end. The evil is awakening, and should it fully awaken, there may not be any power under the heavens strong enough to oppose it.

This is the burden I have lain upon you. You must succeed where I have failed; seal the tethers, discover the place where evil dwells, and end it. Only then will this world, and all others, be safe at long last.


Witch's Journal

Dahrylon Evhelm