Belaus Hammertone

An explorer and ranger, Belaus Hammertone is known for three things in the city of Sanctum.

Banisher of the Dragonkin

Belaus single-handedly banished the dragonkin from South Drekken. The people carried him in triumph to Ardhome where he laid out his (very few) rules for living under him.
  1. None may cross the border which Belaus has laid down (now marked by the North Wall). A wall (The North Wall) must be built and maintained in perpetuity to ease this restriction and to protect the community.
  2. No one may reveal the location of the South Drekken community without permission from the Lord of Ardhome Castle.
  3. All the men and women of South Drekken must live together under one rule in the new community of Sanctum.

Ruler of Ardhome

Belaus, his wife (the Lady Hammertone), and the sorceress Meorran, together defeated and destroyed the spirits which haunted Castle Ardhome. Since it’s exorcism, the Lord of Ardhome (Belaus and his hereditary heirs) have dwelt in Ardhome Castle, mustering the military and civil armed forces of the town from the ancient fortress.

Mayor of Sanctum

Before the founding of Sanctum, many different communities formed the South Drekken. Belaus’ efforts meant the unification of these communities under the rule of one mayor.

Belaus Hammertone

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