Ironroot Mines

Fifty-three years ago, Milgurn Ironroot and his clan of dwarves arrived in Sanctum. Many dwarves lived and worked in the fledgling town, but this great influx of dwarves was precipitated by chance.

On the very first expedition out of the Drekken Mire, on the freshly laid Lanternward Trail, the traders and farmers were told to search for a group of able bodies which could be brought to the Sanctum to reinforce its dwindling population and help direct its fledgling industries.

The Ironroots were more than happy to oblige.

Almost immediately upon arriving in Sanctum they began to dig their tunnels into the earth. In those first years, their enthusiasm and dwarven determination were the only things keeping them going. The Mire refused to be drilled into, and every shaft which was begun filled with water or collapsed within days. Careful and meticulous as the Ironroots were, many intrepid miners were lost in these early cave-ins and subterranean floods.

After two years of testing the hills and valleys of the Mire for sustainable mines, three sites had been successfully dug out and deemed stable by the Ironroots. These three locations, each within a small circle of relatively dry ground to the west of Sanctum, became collectively known as the Ironroot Mines.

Two of the three sites are well-excavated and give access to the copper veins beneath the Mire. The third site is far more treacherous, but has been kept open because of a single vein of residuum ore which crosses through various strands of copper. Before The Fall, residuum was only obtainable as a by-product of magic-smithing. The find has single-handedly kept the residents of the Mire able to purchase food in the years of bad harvests.

The revered and dedicated Milgurn has since passed away, but his heir, Milgurn Ironroot II, still maintains the family’s claim to the mines.

Ironroot Mines

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