Celicia Port plus 25

Acting Captain’s Log
Coalition Calendar Year 477
25 days from port

With the storm gone, it took no time at all for the lookout to spy the spires which rose like the teeh of a colossal monster out of the sea’s glistening dawn.

The currents and eddies of the stormless sea drew us closer and closer to them, so that by noon when the navigator came out on deck they loomed thickly over the ship, their own tidal waves foaming and churning.

No one acknowledged Cyril; everyone speedily found something to focus on as he skulked across the deck to where I stood at the tiller. At first he just looked out solemnly at the rock spires. He called them the Boneyard of Tiamat. He told me to wake the captain and bring him on deck.

I sent some of the men to get him, and he came on deck like an angry hornet. He yelled and screamed, cursing Cyril and accusing him of rigging the expedition to fail.

Mid-sentence there was a flash and then silence. Captain Nerren was gone, and all that was left of him was a pile of smoking ashes, and a sigh from Cyril.

A strange rolling of the waves made the ship creak, breaking the silence: we are in the midst of the Boneyard with no captain, no direction, and no hope.

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Celicia Port plus 25

Dahrylon Evhelm