Celicia unknown entry 5

Acting Captain’s Log
Coalition Calendar Year 477

Something is aboardship. It dragged Simon overboard and chased Akad and I out of the lower decks. I don’t know where Akad went, but his screams tell me where he ended up. I’ve come to see Cyril out of desperation; disintigration is preferable to whatever horror has gotten the crew.

Cyril, however, is dead. The window to the captain’s quarters is broken, and whatever creature took the crew made off with Cyril’s arms and head. Whatever strange purpose brought us here is displayed in circles of silver powder and strange symbols, crossed and re-crossed in Cyril’s broken body’s blood.

Above all, I do not wish to be entombed here in this hell. I’m going above-decks to cut us loose from the anchor and try to steer us out. I must escape, even if it is in death.

Should anyone find this log, I urge you: turn back. Turn back while your souls and your sanity remain. Whatever fortune you are seeking will turn to ruin and death before you.

May the gods have mercy on our souls.

Acting Captain Warreth D’Orinell
C.S. Celicia

Celicia unknown entry 5

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