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Dahrylon. World of ruin and darkness.

Mothers comfort their children with stories of grand cities filled with light and magic, of magical races and wonderous devices in ages long gone. Some dare to speak of the darkness which followed: the Fall.

No one is exactly sure how long ago civilization fell, but all have been told the stories of who was responsible. Each race has their own tale of ruin and woe, and the truth may be something else entirely.

Pockets of compassion and life still teem, quiet and hopeful that tomorrow will be better than yesterday. Fear of the unknown and the terrors of the past have bred suspicion and restlessness across the landscape of scattered towns and villages left on darkened landscape.

Ancient ruins, malicious beings, treasures untold, monsters, the grand lore of the past, and dark secrets all lie beyond the walls of what passes for civilization.


The “city” of Sanctum has stood for well over sixty years in the heart of the Drekken Mire. The Mire has been the source of solitude and security for Sanctum, but it has also been the source of unrelenting danger. While Sanctum is hidden from the world beyond the Mire, it is left alone to fend for itself against the monstrosities and terrors which surround it.

Over the three generations Sanctum has stood, none have questioned the ability of the city to persist through all hazards and survive all dangers—until now.

The moorsheep who are the source of food, warmth, and occupation for most of Sanctum’s residents are slowly succumbing to a horrible pox. As the disease spreads from farmstead to farmstead the threat of famine grows ever larger, and the darkness of the moor seems to creep ever closer to the streetlamps and hearths of Sanctum.

The shamans and priests of Sanctum have brewed, prayed, and sweat over the diseased animals, but no cure has been forthcoming and no prevention seems to keep the pox at bay. Whispers in the streets talk of a curse upon the town and the hand of evil at work to tear down all that is good and bright in Sanctum.


Player Character Level Race Class Source Role Ready?
JD Belster Cooper 3 Human Ranger Martial Striker Yes!
MP Mirren No’Va 3 Eladrin Warlord Martial Leader Yes!
CK Auriel No’Va 3 Eladrin Sorcerer Arcane Striker Yes!
BW Frozen Frostbeard 3 Dwarf Paladin Divine Defender Yes!
JW Ekemon 3 Tiefling Wizard Arcane Controller Yes!
EZ Yara Ondolithe 3 Elf Shaman Primal Leader Yes!


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