The continent of Thordravor is neither the largest continent nor the smallest, but its place in history cannot be overstated. It has been inhabited for as long as anyone can remember, and until The Fall was easily the most populous, cultured, and storied of any land across the world.

After The Fall, many of the population centers were simply obliterated. Races lost entire bloodlines, and much of the secrets of civilization had to be re-learned in its aftermath.

Societies have come a long way since that time, but there are few nations and even fewer empires standing proudly across the continent.

Travel to other continents is difficult at best; many were settled by explorers from Thordravor who have no desire to return “home.” Indeed, many fled persecutions and governments and continue to tell the story of The Fall as one of retribution on a decadent and sinful land. As such, contact is strained aside from a few traders who make the dangerous and time-consuming voyages to seek out their fortunes in exotic goods.


Dahrylon Evhelm